The Top 6 Ways to Find a Job at US Embassy


Occupations at the US international safe haven are not simply saved for ambassadors (I mean FSO generalists) – most of representatives in government offices are really something different. So what kinds of recruits right? Furthermore, how would you find a new line of work that way? I don’t profess to know it all yet I’ve been staying nearby in international safe havens for about 10 years and this is the thing that I watched up until now.


I allude to FSOs as “negotiators” since I think this is the position the vast majority envision when they hear the word. FSOs chiefly work in government offices (in consular, monetary, the board, political and open discretion profession tracks) and hold positions similar to representatives in other outside administrations; they work in practically all nations and are the fundamental ability pool for ambassadorships. There are right now around 8,000 FSOs.

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To kick your application off you have to do a touch of examination on the State Department’s site here, pick a test date here, and register for the Foreign Service Officer Test (FSOT) at the Pearson Vue site here. Notwithstanding these standard passage tests, there are various partnerships that can assist you with getting into the Foreign Service recorded here.


Remote Service Specialists, similar to representatives, burn through the greater part of their vocations abroad working in international safe havens, however the recruiting procedure is unique and they just work in one of the accompanying 19 classifications: organization, development designing, English language programs, office the board, data innovation, law requirement and security, clinical and wellbeing, and office the executives.

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The Consular Fellow program is somewhat of another thing (it began in 2012). CFs are just allocated to posts that need additional passage level officials in light of the fact that there’s a lot of consular work for generalist FSOs. CFs get contracts for as long as five years and ordinarily need language aptitudes in Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, or Arabic.


There are presumably several CFs at this point (127 were employed in FY2017). CFs are recruited by means of constrained non-profession arrangements (LNAs) and can apply through the State Department’s site here.


The US Agency for International Development (USAID) is a free organization with its own corps of Foreign Service Officers who work in consulates on issues like vote based system, fiasco help, monetary development, instruction, condition, administration, wellbeing, checking and assessment, contracting, and money related administration.

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USAID FSOs work in more than 100 nations where the US gives advancement help. There are at present around 1,850 USAID FSOs. USAID employs section level and mid-level officials, just as momentary temporary workers, and posts opening on the web here.


The Presidential Management Fellow (PMF) program is a two-year preparing program at different central government offices for ongoing alumni. PMFs can decide to work at the State Department or at a consulate for a brief timeframe. They would then be able to be delegated to stable situations, yet on the off chance that they need to turn into a FSO (through the Mustang Program), they despite everything need to take the oral appraisal (FSOA) like every other person.

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It isn’t bizarre to see a State Department government worker working at the international safe haven; they can go after certain 2-year consulate jobs when these positions can, for different reasons, not be loaded up with standard FSOs and have been assigned hard-to-fill.

The yearly rundown of difficult to-fill positions is reported by a State Department link (here is the 2018 link), alongside point by point directions on the best way to apply. This year, there were a wide range of FSO and FSS positions accessible in a sum of 31 nations.