6 Top Things to Do in Joshua Tree National Park


With its Dr. Seuss-like Joshua trees and practically lunar scene of goliath stone rocks and moving mountains, Joshua Tree National Park resembles something out of a kids’ storybook. It’s normal to hear individuals utilizing terms like otherworldly or profound to depict how they feel about this park.

The most well-known activities here are strolling or climbing among the trees, climbing the transcending rock dividers, outdoors under the stars, catching the magnificence in photos, or basically absorbing the quietness of the desert.

Set where the Mojave and Colorado Deserts meet, the recreation center has a perplexing scene, with significantly various appearances and vegetation relying upon the rise. A few regions are secured with develop Joshua trees the extent that the eye can see, and others are totally without these trees yet offer their own one of a kind marvel.

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1. Concealed Valley Nature Trail and Day Use Area

The Hidden Valley region of Joshua is one of the loveliest and effectively open regions of the recreation center. It’s ideal on the off chance that you are hoping to do a short climb or just meander among the trees and rock arrangements.

The Hidden Valley Nature Trail is a pleasant one-mile circle trail that enters through an opening into a huge bowl encompassed by rock dividers. It’s idea that because of the geology, Hidden Valley was once utilized by steers rustlers, who might group the steers into this zone to hide them.

2. Keys View

It is definitely justified even despite the drive up to Keys View, a post point at a rise of in excess of 5,000 feet, with clearing sees reaching out over the Coachella Valley. Out there, you can see the San Andreas separation point, Palm Springs, the Salton Sea, and on a sunny morning, past to Mexico. In the event that the air is clear, the view is awesome and this is an extraordinary method to get arranged with the encompassing geology.

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3. Barker Dam Nature Trail


Another short strolling way, Barker Dam is a 1.3-mile circle trail. On the off chance that you are just hoping to do one short path in Joshua Tree, this is your smartest choice, with gigantic Joshua trees, rocks, and a region of water that frequently draws in feathered creatures.

At the furthest finish of the circle are the leftovers of a water tank left by steers farmers who once lived in the region. Numerous individuals stroll in to this point and pivot, leaving by a similar course, however this is a mix-up. While this may be somewhat shorter, it is well worth progressing forward, with a significant part of the best landscape and biggest trees on the circle past the dam.

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4. Outdoors

For campers, Joshua Tree is a genuine treat. Outdoors among the Joshua trees, encompassed by odd stone developments, the experience here is not quite the same as your standard outdoors trip.

A few of Joshua Tree’s dazzling campsites are set in advantageous areas for investigating the recreation center. Each of these has its own look and feel, yet every one of them merit going through a night or two under a star-filled sky.

The perfect opportunity to camp here is in spring and fall: March, April, October, and November. Evenings are cool, however days will in general be radiant and warm.

5. Cholla Cactus Garden

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For nature darlings, the Cholla Cactus Garden is apparently one of the most wonderful destinations in the recreation center, with in excess of a thousand thickly pressed chollas loosening up over the desert floor. While chollas are frequently sprinkled among other vegetation in the desert, here they are the main prickly plants in this common nursery.

6. Skull Rock

Maybe no place else in the recreation center is the practically funny book scene more finely outlined than at Skull Rock. You may see faces and pictures in the stone arrangements that rule the recreation center, however at Skull Rock it takes next to no creative mind to see the skull shape peering out of the stone tossed rubble. This enormous, normally etched stone is found right adjacent to the street, and it generally draws a group.